TECOINT creates the spaces that our customers desire, both in restorations and renovations, and in newly built commercial, service-sector or residential buildings.

TECOINT operates in the dry construction system, interior finishing, plasterboard, exterior metal fa├žade production, structurework and metal structure sectors, in infilling and paneling of energy-efficiency wooden houses, sound proofing and insulation, and fire protection, and all the associated certifications.

The workforce and technicians, who will support you during every stage of the project, have more than 20 years of experience and expertise shaped and achieved by carrying out work with high design, technological and implementation value. TECOINT has grown over time and has been enriched by skillful and experienced people who represent the heart of the company and make it unique and award-winning due to its organisational and professional abilities.

Each site is carefully assessed and analysed with regard to the parameters required and circumstances encountered in order to optimise the construction process, which always respects the customer's needs and the schedules and required deadlines. Our team of technicians and site managers ensure that you are supported at every stage of the project: from the preliminary design and budgeting stages to the finalisation of the construction details, up to the management and performance of the job. Our skilled staff are trained to carry out even the most complex jobs and are supplied with all the latest tools and equipment required to carry out state-of-the-art work. Our staff is trained to use every type of material that the sector sells in our market and they are able to carry out projects with the greatest possible precision, quality and skill. Our staff plays an active role in carrying out work safely and in accordance with the law. The professionals who work with us and our clientele speak about TECOINT as a company that guarantees skill, reliability, professionalism and satisfaction.