False cellings

False ceilings are horizontal construction elements for covering the overlying ceiling. They can be flat, come in in different shapes, geometries, or colours and can be made from various types of materials. A metal structure is made that will support the finishing material.

The room is then embellished, adorned and equipped with the desired aesthetic, technical, insulating and thermal features. As well as making the room aesthetically more refined and pleasing, false ceilings also perform the function of concealing the required technical, electrical and plumbing systems from view and making the spaces hygienic. Ideal for ensuring thermal and sound comfort and for technical maintenance needs, in addition to giving the desired aesthetic appearance.

The false ceiling is lowered compared to the overlying slab through the use of a metal structure made from sheet steel sections to which sheets or panels are attached that are made from various materials in various colours and with different technical features according to the required technical and aesthetic needs, and the fire protection, soundproofing and thermal insulation requirements. Their main features are:

The false ceilings are defined as: monolithic or flat, modular, slatted and grid.

Monolithic false ceilings provide an excellent aesthetic effect, and are suited to meeting design needs, as well as technical and soundproofing requirements. Light, ductile and available in various shapes: linear or curved. All types of lights and spotlights can be installed, they are useful for concealing other installations and can be painted with any colour. They are therefore suitable for every requirement, from apartments to shops to industries.

Modular false ceilings are suitable for those who require more technical false ceilings that are intended for inspection. Modular false ceilings can be opened, thus allowing overhead installations to be maintained with ease. They provide an excellent aesthetic effect and can be fitted to exposed, semi-concealed or concealed structures. The panels can be made from different materials and colours and offer different technical features, and can be smooth, pitted, milled and micro-perforated. Suitable for offices, shops and industries.

Slatted false ceilings are designed for those who desire easy inspection of the false ceiling with great aesthetic effects that last over time. They come with linear or box elements with straight or rounded edges and a closed or open shutter, interlocking or in support of the supporting structure. The length and width of the slat is variable and is offered in a wide range of colours. The slats can be made from metal, PVC, wood and have solid or micro-perforated finishes. Ideal for corridors in hotels, offices, airports and wind-exposed porticoes.

Grid false ceilings are ideal for concealing other installations while respecting the imposed heights of the rooms. They enable inspection and last over time. They come in mainly metallic materials or in PVC and can be ordered in various mesh sizes. Ideal for hotels, offices, industries and large facilities.