Thermal and sound insulation, infilling high energy efficiency, indoor greenery

Thermal and sound insulation which meets the new current regulations has become an important topic and which will continue to grow in light of the needs for energy efficiency, energy saving and sustainability, comfort and healthier environments. Insulation and infilling are provided by a wide range of products, some of which have already been available on the market for a long time and are known for their historical importance, and other extremely innovative and technological solutions that are the result of highly recyclable products. The new wooden core building construction approaches are at the cutting edge of high efficiency infilling and insulation.

All the insulating products are suitable for both redevelopment and restructuring of environments with high heat losses or in need of soundproofing, both for newly built and high energy efficiency rooms, and for technical rooms that require specific thermal insulation and sound absorption characteristics such as recording studios and music rooms, and technical rooms. Indoor spaces in both residential and commercial buildings, hotels and shops, and offices and private homes require enhancement with indoor greenery that must be made compatible and have a strong aesthetic effect for the supporting walls or supporting false ceilings.