Walls and partitions

Walls and partitions are vertical, separating construction elements. Using the dry construction system technique very high performance walls can be obtained with reduced and very quick construction time compared with traditional techniques. Dry construction system walls fully replace traditional systems and follow the increasingly growing trends in the construction industry.

Plasterboard walls are constructed using metal structures of variable thicknesses and heights and can be coated with products with very diverse characteristics. According to customer needs and the desired technical requirements, the covering of the self-supporting metal structure can be carried out in plasterboard, gypsum fibre, lightweight concrete, in water-repellent, ecological sheets from the green product line, or can be characterised by a predetermined fire resistance. The option of varying the thicknesses, heights, shapes, exposed finishes and the ease of their construction, as well as the possibility for passage of installations, the ability to be insulated and soundproofed and respond to the most varied customer requirements, make dry construction system walls the best solution to use for every type of construction intervention. Perfect for redevelopment or restructuring interventions and ideal for new builds, both for small and large projects, and both for the residential and tertiary sectors or commercial premises. For all the finishing products see the related specifications on this site on the false ceilings pages.