Innovative products that appear on the market to meet the needs of well-being, eco-compatibility and ecological principles. These natural fibre products are from the "green" product line that follows the principles of bio-architecture.

Tecoint pursues the ambitious goal of offering its customers the best and most original products the market has to offer. There is a wide range of eco-compatible, natural and green products that meet the increasing number of requests for naturalness and ecology. These innovative products combine functionality and sustainability while respecting the environment and nature, in addition to the response to the need for environmental comfort and well-being of the user.

The panels made from natural components are innovative items, which respond to the need for eco-compatibility and naturalness of the raw materials. All the innovative and "green" products are characterised by different properties. The green line series sheets have the ability to trap harmful substances present in the rooms, substantially improving the air quality. The wood fibre panels also stand out among the natural fibre panels, with a high noise pollution absorption capacity. The large sound absorption and moisture wicking capacity and the capacity to absorb excess humidity are combined with the characteristics of strength and durability. Additionally, in particularly moist or unfavourable environments the panels keep their characteristics of robustness and non-deformability. The green sheets have their surfaces treated with keratin-based substances and use the purifying power of sheep's wool. These purifying properties remain even if treated, painted or coated. Perfect for high insulation and soundproofing, and purification of environments. The green products offer excellent technical features.

The main features are: