Fire protection

Fire protection is the range of components that help to protect structural elements or to separate the spaces between them or to provide compartments and, in any case, to comply with all current fire regulations. Our skilled technicians, who are registered in the Italian Ministerial register, can support the customer during the various phases of the project or work closely with the designer to propose various products to make, as well as final certifications.

Fire regulations must be applied to all relevant activities and Tecoint mainly deals with the manufacture of products with a predetermined dry construction fire resistance. The walls, baffles, self-supporting ceilings, false ceilings, pipes and coatings are mainly produced with specific and certified products. The products used are fireproof, gypsum-based, or silicate- or glass fibre-based, or mineral wools, and are available in various thicknesses and different sizes according to the fire resistance required.

Anything passing through the compartments must be protected with collars, sealants and numerous other solutions to be assessed in relation to the product. The products are highly technological and must be used in accordance with specific methods established by the certification. The products are non-toxic and suited to any setting as their surfaces are suitable for painting.